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My paintings reflect a continued interest in capturing and expressing the innate qualities in the landscape. I am influenced by both natural and industrial environments and how they have been altered and reshaped over the passing of time.


Inspired by memories of familiar places, a season, the weather or through a response to a particular light or sense of place I make sketches, photos and collages to record any initial observations and use them as a starting point to develop my paintings.


I do not have a fixed image in mind when I start, preferring to let the imagery develop and evolve in an experimental and intuitive way.


I use a process of layering and subtracting to invent new compositions and continually redraw, adjust and edit in a desire to achieve a balance of colour, form, texture and composition.


Graduate of the Royal College of Art.
Exhibited work at various venues in the U.K. Europe and the U.S. and selected for Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibitions and Discerning Eye Exhibitions.
Work in private and public collections including the Victoria& Albert Museum London.

Selected prizes & awards
Atlantis Paper Co. London,

National Hardware Co. New York.
Discerning Eye 2008 Regional Prize for North of England

Discerning Eye 2009 Regional Prize for North of England

Discerning Eye 2010 Regional Prize for Midlands and D.E Chairmans Purchase Prize. 

Represented by:

Artwavewest, Morcombelake, Dorset

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